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 Shoe Fetish 1: Relationships, Sex and Murder.

What good are men when a woman can have shoes? According to Carmen Robertson, the central character in Shoe Fetish by Sharon Bennett and Beatrice Moore, dealing with the later is infinitely less troubling. Carmen, Bethany, and the inexplicably named TheLetter,Like most teen girls they spend considerable time dating, talking, and thinking about boys. The high-school reunion is a pivotal point in the novel
become friends and grow up in 1970's San Antonio, "Land of the Spurs & the Alamo." 
.It is night of reminiscing, bar-hopping and encounters with former boyfriends who have changed little over the years, and ends with a violent death at the hands of one of them. 



press release review by

Ellen Tanner Marsh, a  N.Y. Times Best Selling Romance Author


In Shoe Fetish, Bennett  and Moore  have created a sad yet warmly uplifting
version of the time-honored transition into womanhood. Their sensitive portrayal of Carmen’s resolute honesty and ultimate empowerment make for an enduring heroine and entertaining reading.



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Shoe Fetish 2: There is definitely an immediate emotional attachment we experience when we see “the one”—that shoe (or that man) and try them on, praying for the perfect fit, and Oh, Lord Have Mercy, how we pray that it will fit! These three friends continue to find their way through life, love, and its relationships transferring all power and emotions via their shoes, which hold secrets. Some harmless and some deadly; and, though Carmen is untrusting of men and their secrets, she has a few deadly secrets of her own. Women love their shoes for varied reasons. Shoes are not only for protection, beauty, and sex; but, for the life that they can transcend you to, and the secrets that may not have been shared with another person are sometimes within the soles of the shoes.

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