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Shoe Fetish Movement Publications

PROUD SPONSOR.....    VANS.COM 2012-2013 Magazine, London England. Article- Africa The Veiled Heritage, by Sharon Bennett. June 2018
Articles  written by Sharon Bennett of Shoe Fetish  entitled "Know Thyself", "Be Happy-Acheiving Work/Life Balance" & other topics have appeared in these & many other publications:
*BizVoice Magazine, Indiana, Jan 2017
*WELLNESS MAGAZINE,  Oct. 2014  Be Happy: Achieving Work/Life Balance in a Success-Driven World
*The Pulse Legal Publication, June 2012
*New York County Lawyers' Assoc.   Aug 2012
*AEA-Aquatic Exercise Assoc.,     Aug 2012
*AW-Article Weekly, Be Happy Work/Life Balance   Aug 2012
*PERSONAL EXCELLENCE business journal,  Sept 2012  article, & others.
*Canadian Business Journal,   Dec 2012
Past Articles done about the Author &/or The Movement have appeared in Atlanta Good Life Issue, Booking Matters (Atlanta Magazine), The Registrar and the SNAP community papers. As well as, having been the guest on radio shows.
Books Romance Novellas Authors Speakers.