Sharon Bennett is the author of two women’s novellas, a self-help book, and the new civil rights biography, Hidden Jewel of the South. Growing up in the 1960s as a person of color proved to be emotional and, at times, turbulent as the daughter of Rev. Dr. L.E. Bennett. Because he took the selfless step forward to integrate the significant telecommunications company of Southwestern Bell/AT&T. Pressures that a civil rights activist endures also affect his family.

Sharon developed a deep desire to research her family history in the 1990s. Her father, the late Rev. Dr. L.E. Bennett, had long studied the family’s history. Sharon gained a new appreciation for her father’s sacrifice to change the world during his genetic swab. She worked on his story and did interviews for the past 15 years. As the daughter of L.E. Bennett, she explored family archives and Southwestern Bell/AT&T records to piece together this man’s remarkable journey from janitor and civil rights pioneer to second-level management.

During college at Sam Houston State University, Sharon was a college representative for Mademoiselle Magazine, earning her gifts, a letter of appreciation, and distinction. Sharon also got involved in coordinating fashion shows and writing event programs. During college, she pledged a sorority and was active with their community volunteer programs. Sharon earned her first bachelor’s in 1979, and her coursework included fine arts and writing classes. Sharon declined initial offers from Ebony Fashion Fair and Cover Girl of Dallas, choosing to marry and raise her family. 

After a painful divorce, Sharon relocated to her parents and began working in the church by teaching young adults Sunday School and singing in the choir. She started working for a military insurance company and continued her work. During her years with USAA, Sharon worked in numerous volunteer programs and foundations to raise funds for the community. She participated in Toastmasters and gained a financial payment for an idea to improve USAA’s housing computer program.

Searching her heart, Sharon returned to school to study nursing. While raising a young family, working full-time, and attending school part-time, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Incarnate Word University. Sharon also continued taking extra-curricular courses in English composition and art. As a registered charge nurse in intensive care units and case manager for over forty years, Sharon loved the help and support given to families in their time of need.

She completed many curriculums involving psychology, teen and adult development, bullying, domestic violence, marriage, and relationships during her health career. Sharon trained and became a Certified Life Coach to give personal one-to-one support to young girls and women. In addition, Sharon’s led in-service health education to the upper administration of hospitals and patients via video conference. Throughout her work career, and gleaned numerous compliments and letters of appreciation from customers.

Sharon was interviewed by numerous radio shows and periodical outlets and published over fifteen articles (lists upon requests or attached). She’s won a 2001 Editor’s Choice award from the Library of Congress in poetry, Hardcore Writer’s Award, and Reader’s Favorite Five Stars for her writing. Her progression in writing gleaned the publishing of three poems, one in Theatre of the Mind by Noble House.

Sharon dreamt of penning a book one day. So, finally, she put her journals together and co-authored a romance novel inclusive of women’s issues, self-love, and self-empowerment. The first novella is Shoe Fetish 1: A Woman’s Love for Her Shoes and Her Men. The second book was Shoe Fetish 2: Grown into High Heels. Sharon’s third solo writing was a self-help book and journal called Crack in Your Mirror.


In 2012, Sharon gave her first empowerment speaking event at Seton Home for Girls. Many more followed afterward, with the last being for Regina Sunshine Robinson’s Awesome Girls Awards in August 2019, with continued sponsorship in 2020.

A member of the NAACP, Atlanta Writer’s Club, and the Wellness Universe, now, as a retired ICU and medical administration nurse, she’s ready to immerse herself in the growth of young girls and women through empowerment, education, self-love, and self-confidence.


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