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Sharon and Bea are lifelong friends who share a passion for life, love of family and belief in living your dreams. They are examples of achievement and transformation resulting from those who believed and inspired them, in spite of the odds set against them. Together, they have seamlessly meshed their formal training, knowledge and skills with their life lessons to craft The Shoe Fetish Movement. 




Sharon, The Sole Maven, holds both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degrees. She's a writer and is a Certified Life Coach.  Daughter of the late Rev. Dr. L.E. Bennett, Texas Civil Rights Activist, in the 1960s; she has furthered her education by completing numerous courses and certifications in mental health, behavioral health, and developmental health. Her experience in the healthcare field spans over twenty-five years and has afforded her the opportunity to counsel many patients, teens and insurance members on their disease diagnosis, personal issues, and health improvement.  Sharon has led health in-services for hospital administration and insured clients.  Additionally, she's authored books and poems, has taught the young adult Sunday school classes.  Ms. Bennett has raised an empowered and successful daughter and son.







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Bea, The Lifestyle DIVVA, holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction, and is a certified Life Coach.  She is an award-winning educator, accomplished author, successful entrepreneur and an established public speaker who has walked the road to healing.  Bea has faced and overcome the obstacles of teen pregnancy, divorce, grief, and depression.  The Lifestyle DIVVA, she spreads a practical yet powerful message of Determination, Inspiration, Vision, Value, and Assurance.  She advocates developing a positive lifestyle that rejects societal and media representations of negativity.