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The book is a labor of love.  The biography of a humble 1960s Texas Civil Rights Activist who integrated Southwestern Bell/AT&T, my father, Rev. Dr. L.E. Bennett

Diamonds are made from great pressure.  Pressure is something that Rev. Dr. L.E. Bennett knew well.  I have immense love and adoration for this man, and I must tell his story.

It was the 1950s and 1960s, the war against racism and inequality in America was also fought by  

an unsung Texas warrior named L.E. Bennett, a humble civil rights activist from Texas who while serving as a janitor progressed to integrating Southwestern Bell/AT&T. 

Robert Kennedy (RFK) and Martin Luther King (MLK) encouraged Bennett, and he received the Political Education Award from the National Association for Advancement of Colored People in 1968, (NAACP) signed by National President Roy Wilkins, Rev. C.D. Owens and W.C. Patton. Bennett also received media coverage and an award from Wall of Tolerance signed by Rosa Parks.

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